Building a Cocoa App

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Building a new PikeCocoa app
  1. build Pike.framework: from Pike/build/platform, run make framework.
  2. copy Pike.framework to directory mkapp resides in.
  3. build Public.ObjectiveC module
  4. copy resulting Public.pmod to Pike.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/i386/modules/
  5. run "mkapp Appname" to build application bundle
  6. Open Interface Builder and choose "File -> New..."
  7. Select "Application" and click "create".
  8. Select "File->Save..." and choose to save the file as a version 3.x NIB file (not XIB).
  9. Name the file "MainMenu.nib"
  10. copy the resulting nib bundle to
  11. Start up the app!
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