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We'd love to have your contribution. You're welcome to add and edit this wikispace to your heart's content. You should, however, follow the following guidelines:

- the markup language for this wiki is very similar to that used by SnipSnap. Some general help is available at SnipSnap Help, though not all of the markup options are currently available. Generous use of the Preview button will help you get the hang of the this.

  • don't insert raw html into the pages. that only makes things ugly for other editors. always use wiki markup.

  • null edits (that is, changes where the only difference is whitespace at the ends of a document) will not be saved.

  • always provide a change summary when editing a page.

    - stay on topic. content should be closely related to pike.

    - you can create new pages by using the [pagename] syntax. try to keep things in the appropriate hierarchy, for example: [PikeDevel/ModulePackaging]. don't create a "root" level document unless it's a truly broad category.

  • don't rename links on pages, it only fosters invisible orphans. if you think something is misnamed, contact the administrator via email: wiki at gotpike dot org.

  • play nicely. don't use this wiki for spamming of any kind.

    - anonymous editing is disabled. use your account to login.

    - when in doubt, ask for help.

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