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A plugin for performing Pike development in Eclipse would be great!

Who's working on it: Bill Welliver is the best person to talk to. Eclipse and/or Java wizards are welcome.

Currently, the plugin consists of a Pike text editor, a Pike perspective and some auxiliary views.

Bill Says:

I've started down the pure Java path. I've completed a Pike grammar using Java CUP, and it seems to be working pretty well. The biggest problem we're experiencing is caused by the precompiler. Right now, we simply ignore lines that begin with "#".

Help is welcome, as my time is pretty limited. Check out the code from HG:

Packaged copies of the plugin can be found at the following address:

Features we'd like (in relative order of difficulty and priority):

- Syntax hilighting with configurable styles (done)

  • Code folding (done)
  • Code outline for current file (done, additional features tba)
  • Class browsing (in progress)
  • Error linkbacks in console (done)
  • Highlight/Jump to matching bracket/brace
  • Comment/Uncomment (c++ style, done)
  • Syntax checking (in process checking, done)
  • Code completion
  • Autodoc support (view/generate)
  • New class / method wizards
  • Refactoring (is this really useful? refactoring happens a lot less often in Pike than it does in say, Java)


    Java savvy developers are welcome to assist in our goals. A mailing list has been created for development discussions. More information on this mailing list is available at:

A mirror of this list is available through gmane interface:

Named access to the PDT CVS repository is available for contributing developers, and snapshots are available to all via the CVS repository link above.

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