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  1. install windows
  2. install pike for windows
  3. install vc++ 6.0 or vc2008
  4. install git for windows
  5. install wix v2? v3.5 won't work with vc2008, the v2 installer won't work with the "free" edition of vc2008.
  6. git clone pike repo
  7. git checkout -b nt-tools origin/nt-tools
  8. copy nt-tools someplace
  9. add pike and nt-tools directory to your nt-path
  10. run vc32env.bat to add vc++ environment variables
  11. add wix2 to path
  12. add pike to path
  13. share a folder between the unix "configure" box and the win-nt box.
  14. start sprshd on windows box: pike sprshd

VC6.0: If using vc older than 8, edit rntcl and define OLD_VC. Create $HOME/.init_ntrc:

on configure box, run nt-tools/init_nt then, run configure normally:

CC=rntcl LDFLAGS="-LZ:/win32libs/lib" CPPFLAGS="-IZ:/win32libs/include" CXX=rntcl make

Getting an error 267 create_process on sprshd can mean that the drive and directory you specify in the configure - to - build drive mapping isn't right (wrong drive or wrong folder)

VC6.0: When compiling system/nt.c, you may get an error about PIDLIST_ABSOLUTE not being defined. This can be remedied with the following typedef:


VC6.0: STRUNCATE isn't defined, so fdlib.c will fail. The following define should resolve the problem:

#define STRUNCATE 80
#endif /*STRUNCATE*/

Building Nettle

CC=rntcl ./configure --disable-assembler --build=i686-pc-windows_nt

VC6.0 doesn't support the 0nnULL syntax for specifying a 64 bit constant; you must remove the "LL" from all such definitions, otherwise errors will occur.

Copy nettle.lib and nettle/*.h to appropriate places in win32libs.

Details and Background

Martin Sternholm is the current "master builder" for Windows. He put together a lengthy and informative document describing the steps involved in preparing a windows build. This document is a must-read for anyone interested in building Pike for Windows themselves.

- http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lang.pike.user/8287

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