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This wiki is powered by PikeWiki. PikeWiki is written entirely in Pike, and uses a Pike-powered wiki markup engine for formatting specially written plain text as HTML.

Source code for PikeWiki can be found in the HG Repository.

Radeox is an open source Wiki rendering engine used by many popular Wikis, including SnipSnap. PikeWiki's markup format is almost identical to SnipSnap's, easing the transition for SnipSnap and xwiki users.

Text formatting rules

text may contain the following filter rules and macros to format text. This includes simple filters for bold and italic as well as special macros for tables and source code.

Simple text filters

Mnemonic Rendering Comment
1 Title a style 1 heading (major heading)
1.1 Title a style 1.1 heading (minor heading)
- text a list item (with -), several lines create a single list
* text a list item (with *)
1. text an enumerated list
a. text alphabetical enumerated list
A. text uppercase alphabetical enumerated list
i. text roman enumerated list
I. text uppercase roman enumerated list
g. text greek enumerated list
h. text hiragana (japanese) enumerated list
k. text katakana (japanese) enumerated list
__bold__ bold simple bold text
~~italics~~ italics simple italic text
--strike-- --strike-- strike through text
(empty line) produces a new paragraph
\\ creates a line break, please use sparingly!
[start] start internal link to another document
http://snipsnap.org/ http://snipsnap.org/ creates a link to an external resource, special characters that come after the URL and are not part of it must be separated with a space.
\X X escape special character X (i.e. {)
---- creates a horizontal rule

Text formatting macros

Mnemonic Rendering Comment
{!name} includes the snip with the name name
{table} [tables] Simple tables with header. Separate columns with |
{code[:language]} {code}if(...) {}{code} creates a code box that may contain source code. The optional language may be used to select a different syntax highlighting scheme (default: Java).
{api:class} or {api:class|language} {api:java.lang.Object} creates a link into the documentation of the specified language.
{link:SnipSnap|http://snipsnap.org/} creates a named link to an external resource

All Implemented Macros

name: macro-list
description: Lists all Macros

name: link
description: Handles external links

name: code
description: Format code in an attractive manner.

name: recent-changes
description: Lists all Macros

name: table
description: Table Generator

name: boggle
description: Boggle macro

name: api
description: Makes links to API references, supports pike, php and perl.

name: hello
description: Hello World macro

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