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You'll find below some instructions for hassle-free Pike install on various platforms. In case you encounter a problem, please write a message containing as much as information as possible to the Pike mailing list.



Debian binary: install Pike on a Debian system<br class="break"/>DebianMongerHowto: fix pre 7.6.51-1 Debian installations for using Monger


Fedora binary: install Pike on Fedora using binary packages





MacOS X/darwin

Darwin Fink: install Pike on a MacOS X/darwin platform using the Fink packaging system.<br class="break"/>Darwin Darwinports: install Pike on a MacOS X/darwin platform using the DarwinPorts packaging system.

MS Windows

Windows binary: install Pike 7.6 on Windows machines<br class="break"/>Windows 98: run Pike on MS Windows 98

Platform X

In case of a platform not listed here or troubleshooting a broken installation, it could be interesting to have a look at the Pikefarm results.

What about joining the Pikefarm effort?

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