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Note that adding your thoughts here does not necessarily imply that they'll actually be considered or implimented. This is simply a place for suggestions and discussions. Naturally, the more well thought out your ideas are, the more likely they'll be taken into consideration.

Pike Eclipse Integration

A plugin for performing Pike development in Eclipse would be great!

Who's working on it: Bill Welliver is the best person to talk to. He's got a basic plugin going with code hilighting and preliminary (aka primitive) code folding support. Eclipse and java wizards are welcome.

Pike Debugger

Every language needs a debugger, right?

Current Status: an embryo of a debugger currently exists as "unbug" which uses gdb as its core debugging engine. it's minimally functional, though native code generation currently disables breakpoints and stepping. Initial code to map local variables to variable names is present, but is weak at best.

Who to talk to: any of the core pike developers could point you in the right direction. A mail to pike-devel would be the best place to start.

Better documentation

We need better documentation in order to lure (pun intended) new pike fans.

Current Status: a pike tutorial is in the works and is about 90% finished. After that, core pike internals documentation has been started using doxygen.

Who's working on it: Contact Bill Welliver or Martin Baehr for the tutorial, and any of the core pike developers for internals documentation. We're using doxygen to document things, so you can grab a copy of pike from CVS and start documenting!

GTK2 support

Current Pikes (as of 7.6) still ship with a complete implimentation of GTK1 only. While the module advertises some GTK2 support, in reality, it's lying.

Current Status: A new GTK2 module based around the original GTK module (but without the GTK1 support) is under development. Things are moving along quite rapidly, so this status may be out of date already.

Who's working on it: Lance Dillon is leading the charge here; his code is present in the 7.7 CVS tree, and is rapidly approaching stability.

Better XML support

The current Pike XML parser is rather slow and is missing support for a fair number of now-common XML related technologies, such as XPath, XSLT and the like. The parser is also non-validating, which limits its usefullness in certain applications. A glue to one of the well supported XML parsing libraries would be ideal.

Current Status: Bill Welliver has implimented a glue based on libxml2. It's still beta quality, but has a large number of useful features: XSLT support, XPath support, RelaxNG validation, SAX and XMLReader style interfaces. Assistance in testing and identifying opportunities for improvement are welcome.

ObjectiveC bridging (Cocoa)

The ability to interact with ObjectiveC applications would be pretty useful. Primarily, this means Cocoa on Mac OS X, but could also include GNUStep and POC. There are other languages with this sort of functionality already, so it should be doable by someone with some understanding of ObjC. There are both one-directional bridges (such as Lua's) that allow calling and accessing ObjC objects from their respective language, and bi-directional (such as Python's) which allow Objective C applications to access code written in the host language. Obviously, a bi-directional bridge would be ideal, as it would allow Cocoa apps to be written in Pike.

Current Status: Bill Welliver is working on a bridge in his spare time. It's currently uni-directional, and is fairly crude, but it does work. Help is welcomed from those with experience and those without, too.

Other requests

- SOAP support

  • this_function()

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