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__This is the starting point__ [Installing Pike] contains informations for installing or building Pike on different platforms. [Getting Started]: a collection of pointers and tutorials. [PikeSupport] contains pointers for getting support for your Pike project. [PikeApps] contains information about applications written in Pike. [PikeDevel] is where you probably want to go if you're looking to develop or extend Pike. [PikeBounties], a section for sponsoring work, as well as finding out about available project bounties. Developers and non-developers alike, be sure to check this out! [PikeTools] contains links to Pike related tools. [PikeFAQ] contains the original and soon to be expanded FAQ written by Robert J. Budzynski [PikeRequests] is the place to jot down your requests or suggestions for future developments in Pike. [PikeModules] contains links to externally maintained Pike modules. Feel free to [Contribute]! ~~Note:~~ you must have a account in order to edit pages, go to {|} to create an account. [PikeHints] contains hints and simple howto's on getting things done with Pike. [PikeTutorials] [About this Wiki] > Back to {link:GotPike|}

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