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This wiki is powered by PikeWiki. PikeWiki is written entirely in Pike, and uses a  Pike-powered wiki markup engine for formatting specially written plain text as HTML.

Source code for PikeWiki can be found in the {link:HG Repository|http://hg.welliver.org/pikewiki}.

{link:Radeox|http://radeox.org} is an open source Wiki rendering engine used by many popular Wikis, including {link:SnipSnap|http://snipsnap.org}. PikeWiki's markup format is almost identical to SnipSnap's, easing the transition for SnipSnap and xwiki users.

1 Text formatting rules

 text may contain the following filter rules and macros to format text. This includes simple filters for __bold__ and ~~italic~~ as well as special macros for tables and source code. 

1.1 Simple text filters 

{table} Mnemonic | Rendering | Comment 
1 Title || a style 1 heading (major heading) 
1.1 Title || a style 1.1 heading (minor heading) 
- text || a list item (with -), several lines create a single list 
* text || a list item (with *) 
1. text || an enumerated list 
a. text || alphabetical enumerated list 
A. text || uppercase alphabetical enumerated list 
i. text || roman enumerated list 
I. text || uppercase roman enumerated list 
g. text || greek enumerated list 
h. text || hiragana (japanese) enumerated list 
k. text || katakana (japanese) enumerated list 
\_\_bold\_\_ | __bold__ | simple bold text 
\~\~italics\~\~ | ~~italics~~ | simple italic text 
\-\-strike\-\- | --strike-- | strike through text 
(empty line) || produces a new paragraph 
\\\\ || creates a line break, please use sparingly! 
\[start\] | [start] | internal link to another document 
\http://snipsnap.org/ | http://snipsnap.org/ | creates a link to an external resource, special characters that come after the URL and are not part of it must be separated with a space. 
\\X | \X  | escape special character X (i.e. \{) 
\-\-\-\-|| creates a horizontal rule {table} 

1.1 Text formatting macros 
{table} Mnemonic | Rendering | Comment 
\{!name} || includes the snip with the name __name__ 
\{table\} | \[tables\] | Simple tables with header. Separate columns with \| 
\{code\[:language\]\} | {code}if(...) {}{code} | creates a code box that may contain source code. The optional language may be used to select a different syntax highlighting scheme (default: Java). 
\{api:class\} or \{api:class\|language\} | {api:java.lang.Object} | creates a link into the documentation of the specified language. 
\{link:SnipSnap\|\http://snipsnap.org/\} || creates a ~~named~~ link to an external resource 


1 All Implemented Macros 

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