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Debian-based pike7.6 packages are now able to use Monger since end of november 2005 (around 7.6.51-1)
Thus, this fix is now no longer necessary for up to date Debian distributions.

This tip is still there because it stilll could be usefull for old distribution or to debug a broken installation.

Pike's external module building tool (analogous to Perl's CPAN) requires
several non-header files to be present in the include path.  In order to get
Public.Parser.XML2 to install I had to use the following workaround.

1)  Compile and install pike7.6 using apt-get -b source pike7.6

2)  mkdir -p /usr/lib/pike/7.6.33/include

3)  ln -s /usr/include/pike/7.6.33 /usr/lib/pike/7.6.33/include/pike

4)  cp \[pikesrc]/build/\[arch]/specs /usr/include/pike/7.6.33/

5)  chmod 755 /usr/include/pike/7.6.33/run_autoconfig

6)  cp \[pikesrc]/src/aclocal.m4 /usr/include/pike/7.6.33/

7)  cp \[pikesrc]/bin/smartlink /usr/include/pike/7.6.33/

8)  cp \[pikesrc]/bin/mktestsuite /usr/include/pike/7.6.33/

9)  cp \[pikesrc]/bin/install_module /usr/include/pike/7.6.33/

10) cp \[pikesrc]/bin/test_pike.pike /usr/include/pike/7.6.33/

11) pike -x monger --install Public.Parser.XML2

There's probably others, but this was sufficient to get what I needed working.

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