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__Welcome to the GotPike.org Pike Development Wiki!__

- Tips for creating [PikeDevel/Pike Modules]

- Tips for creating [PikeDevel/C Modules]

- [Pike Module ARchive creation] (PMAR)

- {link:AutoDoc|http://pike.ida.liu.se/generated/manual/ref/chapter_21.html}, the inline documentation format used by Pike

- [PikeDevel/Using Pike on the Web]: a discussion of options for writing web applications using Pike.

- [PikeDevel/HowTo]: a series of articles for using some of the more interesting Pike features. 

- Notes on the Pike [PikeDevel/Release Process]

- [PikeDevel/Embedding] Pike

- [PikeDevel/Troubleshooting Crashes]

- [PikeDevel/Java On OSX]

- [PikeDevel/Pike on Windows (VC2015)], [PikeDevel/Pike on Windows] and [PikeDevel/Pike on Windows (sprshd build)]

- [PikeDevel/Pike Distribution on OSX]

- [PikeDevel/Writing Testsuites]

- [PikeDevel/Packaging] Pike

- Objective-C [PikeDevel/Framework]

- [Building a Cocoa App]

- [PikeDevel/Eclipse], a work in progress

- [PikeDevel/I18n] for Pike applications

- [PikeDevel/Annotations]: in-line metadata for pike program elements

- [PikeDevel/Conference 2014]

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