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The official repository for third party modules lives at {link:http://modules.gotpike.org/}.

Other third party modules, either still undergoing development, or not yet added to the repository are listed here:

PiJAX: A module for fast AJAX web development with Pike. {link:http://web.archive.org/web/20070118154312/http://thedogstar.org/projects/pmod}

{link:redis_client.pmod|http://github.com/christiank/pike_redis_client} is a work-in-progress {link:Redis|http://redis.io} client implemented entirely in Pike.

Bill Welliver has a number of modules, not all of which are available from the Pike Module Repository. His public source repositories are available at {link:bitbucket|https://bitbucket.org/hww3/}.

Pontus Ístlund has written a number of interesting modules and applications. Visit his {link:Github repositories|https://github.com/poppa}

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