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Work on permitting pike code to be debugged interactively is underway, and currently exists as a rough proof of concept in branch bill/debugger-concept. The debugger requires pike to be compiled with --with-debug and can be enabled using --debugger option to pike, with enables a hilfe server on port 3333

Current features of the POC:

- Can set a single breakpoint.

  • Hilfe interface
  • Backtrace viewing
  • View locals (but names are not resolved)
  • Modify locals
  • Single stepping
  • Continue

    Things that need to be done:

    - Support multiple breakpoints (store and search breakpoint multiple info.)

  • Breakpoint removal
  • Frame stack browsing
  • Local name calculation
  • A programmatic interface to the debugger
  • Related: should pike pause to wait for a debugger to connect for breakpoints, etc to be set?
  • Step-over, in, return, etc. These require understanding of code structure
  • Watchpoints?
  • Efficiency improvements?
  • Work to not require RTL debug
  • Make ports configurable

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