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The TextMate bundle for Pike is a work in progress by Bill Welliver. It's already quite useful, and has the following features:
  • code folding (TextMate folding is based on a combination of delimiters and indentation, so you have to be fairly consistent about your indentation within a code block.)
  • syntax hilighting
  • run pike on a file (Command-Shift-R)
  • hilfe (Command-Shift-H)
  • code comment/uncomment (Command-Shift-C/U)
  • modref lookup (hit F3 with insertion point in symbol to lookup)
  • auto class generate (type "class<tab>")
  • auto method generate (type "meth<tab>")
  1. Install TextMate from http://www.macromates.com/
  2. Download the Pike Bundle from http://hww3.riverweb.com/dist/Pike_TextMate.tar.gz
  3. Unzip/untar downloaded file
  4. Double click on Pike.tmbundle and allow TextMate to install the bundle.

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